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Our Process. Four Key Stages
Data Analysis

The first step is to look at the historical data within your Shopify store and Google Analytics account. This will give us an overview of what's been working for you in the past and which areas need improvement. We will also run a series of tests to check the performance of your website from a usability and SEO perspective. We will then deliver a jargon free report to summarise our key findings and recommendations which we will talk through with you before proceeding to the next stage.

Product Page Optimisation

Next we will look at your product pages with the goal of increasing Add to Cart rate and Conversion Rate. We will ensure the pages are loading as quickly as possible and are easy to use on mobile devices. We will then come up with a few layout variations before performing a series of A/B tests to find which performs best. 

Average Order Value Optimisation

A key component of a successful Shopify store is an effective Upsell strategy. Once a customer has decided to make a purchase, he or she is much more likely to add to their order if they are presented with a desirable offer before checkout. We will use this principle to increase the average order value of your customers purchases and improve the return of your marketing spend.

Campaign Optimisation & Scaling

Once we know that your website is performing well and upsells are in place, we will then look at the analytics for your previous social media campaigns to find the best audiences and ads that you have run over time. We will then run a series of split tests to see how we can improve the performance of your ads before scaling your ad spend over time.

We work to decrease your cost of aquisition
and increase your marketing ROI

We use split tests to aquire the data to improve the performace of your website and increase your conversion rate.

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Why is conversion rate important?

The conversion rate is a key indicator of how well your website is performing and can be the difference between your marketing campaign making a profit or a loss making and small improvements can make a big difference.

Marketing costs are increasing year on year, ensuring your website is performing at its optimum is key to finding new customers and growing your business. If you run a Shopify store then the conversion rate is a metric you should be checking every day. Monitoring and improving your conversion rate can be a time consuming task, that's where we come in.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average Conversion Rate for Shopify stores?

The average conversion rate over 3,380 Shopify stores found was 1.5%.

Anything more than 3.3% would put you in the top 20% and more than 4.6% would put you in the top 10%.

(Data from Littledata April 2022)
What is the average Add to Cart Rate for Shopify stores?

Mobile bounce rate - 47.5%
Desktop bounce rate - 38.9%

(Data from Littledata.io 2022)

What is the average Bounce Rate for Shopify stores?

Mobile bounce rate - 47.5%
Desktop bounce rate - 38.9%

(Data from Littledata.io 2022)

What is a good page load time?

The average time before for mobile page load for Shopify was 4.0 seconds

(Data from Littledata.io 2022)

How do I calculate my Conversion Rate?
“Conversion rate = Number of conversions/number of visitors ✕ 100”
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