10 questions to ask your website developers

Making sure your website is working properly is an essential part of every social media marketing campaign. Here’s our top tips to make sure your website is performing.

1. How fast is our website? A fast website is essential with the NOW generation. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load then they won’t wait. There are two tools you can use to check how fast your website is, the first is Pingdom and the second is GTMetrix. If your website isn’t loading in under 4 seconds then your website developers need to fix it.

2. What is our SEO score? There are lots of websites that check how well your website is built for SEO but we prefer WooRank. Simply enter your website address and you will be given an SEO score as well as a series of recommendations as to how your score can be improved.

3. How quickly do people leave our website? The “bounce rate” is a key figure for how successful your website is. It measures the number of people who land on your website and leave without doing anything. Think of it as someone walking into a shop, spinning around and walking out again. A good bounce rate is around 40%. Anything higher than 60% and something is wrong. Your website developer will be able to look at Google Analytics to see the bounce rate for any day, week, month or year.

4. How does our website look on different browsers? Your website will appear differently on different computers and different browsers and there are thousands of permutations. It may be that your website works perfectly on Internet Explorer but is broken on Chrome. Ask your developer if they have checked it and use a website called BrowserShots to run a test yourself.

5. Has our website been registered with Google Webmasters? Google Webmaster is a tool to monitor the search performance of your website. It will let you know if there are any errors or issues that need resolving. Registering your site with Webmasters is an important part of your SEO process so check with your developers if it is something they have done.

6. What is our Google PageSpeed score? Google PageSpeed Insights is a website which will check the performance of your website and give it a score out of 100 for both mobile and desktop. A high score means your website has been built properly and will help with your SEO so it’s an important metric.

7. Is our website optimised for mobile? Google also provide a tool to work out how mobile friendly your website is. It will look at specific pages and your website as a whole. Ask your developers if they have used it to check your website and what the results were.

8. Has our javascript been minified? This one will really make you sound like you know what you’re talking about. Javascript is part of what’s required to make your website work and it should all be combined into one, tidy file. It’s an important part of ensuring your website loads quickly and also important for SEO reasons.

9. Are we storing any customer data? The recent GDPR legislation imposes strict restrictions on the way personal data is stored. If your website uses a database to store prospect or customer information, then it needs to be compliant. Ask your developer if you are storing any personal data and, if so, how that data being managed.

10. Is our website being backed up? Websites are hacked on a regular basis and we speak from personal experience. Ask your developer if your website is being backed up. If so, how regularly and where to? Ask them to restore an older version of the website to a test domain to make sure it is being backed up properly.

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