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As competition for attention among businesses continues to increase, so does the need for effective digital marketing. More and more businesses are opting to use chatbots to improve customer service and automate many of their day to day tasks.
Here are 7 ways a chatbot could help your business in 2020.

1. Respond to enquiries immediately and 24/7. Your customers expect a rapid response to their queries and a chatbot can help fill the gap during out of hours business times. Chatbots offer businesses the opportunity to have customer service enquiries answered at any time of day, through holidays and weekends. Even if a chatbot is not able to solve a specific problem, offering a personalised, immediate response to customer concerns can go a long way towards appeasing an individual.

2. Answer the most common customer questions. A chatbot can easily handle your FAQs instantly and within Messenger, a platform that many customers prefer to email or picking up the phone. These answers can include images, videos and links back to your website.

3. Segment your audience and capture leads / contact details. By entering into a conversation with an individual, your chatbot can quickly ask questions to segment the audience and direct them down the right path for example “Have you already purchased?”. Chatbots can also replace lengthy forms with a series of questions that flow one after another and are written in a more natural, conversational way. Each question can include a selection of pre populated answers to save time and avoid having to type the answers out. All of this data can then be saved within a Google Spreadsheet so it can be easily downloaded.

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4. Continue the conversation on email. It is important to try and capture the email address of individuals engaging with your chatbot so you don’t have to rely on Facebook to talk to your customers. Your chatbot can ask for these details and permission to email the individual so your business is GDPR compliant. These details can then be stored within Google Spreadsheets or passed onto your email marketing platform (Mailchimp, Mailerlite etc). If you set up an automatic campaign within your email marketing software, the this whole process can be automated.

5. Direct people to your website. Rather than direct your customers to your home page, your chatbot can ask questions to work out the problem an individual is trying to solve and direct them to the relevant section of your website to find out more.

6. Take over the conversation to resolve a problem. At any point of the conversation, you can take over to try and solve the problem one to one. This is done via the Messenger app on your phone or desktop and allows for an instant and direct relationship with your customers.

7. Take payments within Messenger. Your customers can pay an invoice, buy a product directly within their messenger app using SSL encryption. By focusing on the chatbot experience and integrating a reliable payment system on the backend, you can help users chat their way to a purchase.

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And remember…

The cost of ads is rising and will continue to do so. Since 2016, the number of advertisers using Facebook has grown from 3 million to 7 million. The average cost-per-click on Facebook is currently £1.34 and it shows no sign of slowing. As such, it is important that your marketing improves at the same rate to avoid Facebook becoming a platform your business can no longer afford.

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